Snap Surf by Bali Wau surf was originally created by mixed family, Jonni from Indonesia and Nadia from Ireland. Together they created a western standard surf school on the paradise island of Bali. We are a family owned and run business with a passion to share our enthusiasm for the ocean and surfing in a safe, fun and friendly environment for all ages and abilities.

Jonni grew up beside the world class waves of Nias Island, Sumatra. Nias is a beautiful, unspoilt island that is very much off the beaten track. Influenced by surf tourists and local friends and family, Jonni began his life long love of the ocean and surfing. He decided to come to Bali in 2011 to continue to develop his surfing and gain experience as a guide and teacher. Through working across local surf camps, he gained knowledge and skills as a professional surf instructor. Finally, Jonni moved on to create a team of local, surf instructors with his wife Nadia; Snap Surf by Bali Wau Surf.

Our approach to teaching others to surf is simple: patience and a sense of humor mixed with a vast knowledge of our ocean environment. We truly enjoy what we are doing and it shows.

Snap Surf was created based on the idea of giving all surf students a personalized surf experience. Depending on your ability, we can explore different surf spots and locations around beautiful Bali. Our professional surf instructors specialize in teaching all levels of surfers, from absolute beginners, intermediate and more advanced surfers.

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