bali is ours

Bali can talk about places, sports areas, homes for arts products, beautiful places to surf or even paradise the night clubs lovers. but haven’t we asked ourselves ” Is Bali just beautiful as a place to spend vacation time?

Bali is home to anyone who wants to consider it a home. Tranquility, various kinds of entertainment, the place to play will disappear easily from our memory when we do not consider Bali as our home, natural beauty, traditional dance, melodious gamelan sounds, beach breeze, beautiful contrasting sunset that is our Bali

For me Bali is belong's to everybody , that's why Bali is ours , Bali is our Home

My name is Agung. I grew up in tourism area Lovina , North Bali . I've been working in tourism industry since 2015 . I work in travel and tour company as a manager operations (Bali Expressindo Tour and travel) . I am a freelance tour operator for in @bali is ours . I organize some tours which are fit and relevant for millenial ages. I offer you adventure tour, tracking, waterfall, cycling , swing, fishing ect. I provide tour which is outside of Bali, but it's starting point is in Bali

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