Kuta is long famous for its golden white coastline since the vagabond wave-riding heydays of the 70s and is a surfing Mecca since. Known also as Bali’s number one sunset site, every late afternoon hundreds of people gather to watch the spectacular sunsets. With thriving bars, nightclubs and multi-storey shopping malls it’s one of the most popular areas of the island.
Things to do in Kuta
1. Surfing
Kuta Beach is the most famous tourist destination in Bali Island with beautiful panorama and big waves for surfing adventures. Learn to ride the waves or improve your skills. There are beginner lessons for both kids and grown-ups as well guaranteeing you’ll be able to stand up on your board at the end of the day. Go with an expert instructor, who knows where you can enjoy the best waves.
2. Culinary
Discover the secrets of the authentic Balinese cuisine and learn to cook traditional dishes after visiting a traditional market, where you can explore all kinds of spices, ingredients that are used for cooking Balinese food. Or just go on a culinary trip eat where locals are eating and learn more about the social life of Balinese.
3. Culture and history of island
Visit the Bali Museum, or explore historical sites with guided tours and learn more about the history of the Balinese and their struggles against the colonizers. Join a half day city tour visiting some interesting heritages in Denpasar, the capital of Bali. Or go on a special trip experiencing the contrasts of Bali, first enjoying the serene mangrove forest and then go shopping into one of the most famous, buzzing shopping malls of Kuta.
4. Special photo sessions
Who hasn’t dreamt of dressing up like magical princes and princesses. Get make-up, hairdo and dress up in traditional balinese wedding dresses and feel like a king and queen, while having your picture taken at breathtaking sceneries or just pose in traditional costumes to create a special memory of your vacation.
Our insider tips
Ben’s recommendation
You can discover all sorts of restaurants, but there is nothing more tastier than fresh local food. The first time I felt at home in Bali was when the old matron Mami Wayan greeted me with a smile when I arrived at her warung to eat my favourite fried rice (nasi goreng). To really experience the local atmosphere and flavours go on a culinary trip to eat with locals at their most liked places.
Lucy’s recommendation
Kuta beach is one of my favourite surfing spots. Considering you have to be able to adapt your surfing skills to the constantly changing conditions and actually combine them with your knowledge about the ocean – this is a perfect training ground. Shifting sandbanks, currents and rips, conditions that change pretty much every hour, from fat and slow to steep and hollow, there are close outs and long rides, barrels and playful walls. I love to enjoy a private surf lesson here to deepen my knowledge and improve my skills.
Adam’s recommendation
I love to know more about places where I am to understand it better. The Puputan Badung Square is a very special location, because although now it’s an urban park, but it has a very tragic and violent history being the site of an enormous, bloody mass suicide ritual (called puputan) more than 100 years ago. It is an interesting location to learn more about the history of the Balinese and their struggles.
Good to know


In Kuta there are a handful of malls offering shopping, dining and entertainment spot for the whole family, but you can still find a mixture of handicrafts and curios at the longstanding Kuta Art Market, where you can also put your bargaining skills to the test.

Beware of taxi scams

Taxis in Bali are easily your most viable choice for getting around the island, due to their wide availability and convenience, but be aware of taxi scam. Some of the tricks to look out for are well known, like when the driver takes an unnecessarily long route or hands you short change or says they don’t have change. Let the hotel front desk or restaurant call you a reliable taxi.

Beach safety

Tides can be very strong and unpredictable. If you want to learn to surf book in with a professional licensed surf school, who can ensure you’re learning in a safe environment. Some beaches are marked by flags or signs as being especially dangerous, so as with all warnings, pay attention and steer clear! Most beaches in Bali aren’t staffed by lifeguards. Reef cuts need proper medical attention, so don’t leave them and risk infection. See a doctor as soon as possible.


Kuta is a popular party destination with many tourists and you’ll find plenty of bars around but there are a few things you should keep in mind: always leave your valuables locked in your hotel safe if you don’t need them with you and know how to get back to your accommodation. Better never leave your drink unattended when you’re out, and never accept any food or drink from a stranger, unless you can see the barman pouring it or the waiter serving it.